Vapor Honing

You might have see pictures of our built transmissions, or other parts, and wonder how we get them looking so nice? Are we painting them? Do we have a really nice parts washer? Acid bath?

No, in fact, we use a brilliant machine called a vapor honer. Vapor honing, also known as vapor blasting, wet blasting, or wet honing, is a process that mixes an abrasive media with water to create an unparalleled finish, and is much gentler on parts than acid baths, or sandblasting.

Vapor honing has many advantages, such as being dust free, preserving the surface finish of the part, and creating a brilliant finish.

At Walter motorsports, we vapor hone all transmissions, differentials, and most other solid metal parts that we rebuild before returning them to your car. This not only gives us the cleanest parts to work with, but also gives you a great looking part when it is reinstalled on your car.

In addition to vapor honing all of the parts we rebuild, we offer this as a standalone service as well. We should be able to vapor hone just about any metal part you can bring to us, and bring it back to a like-new finish, while maintaining the integrity of the part.

Vapor honing typically runs $50/hr, so please give us a call if you are interested in having some parts restored in our vapor honer. Below are some before-and-after examples of what our vapor honer can accomplish.