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ND MX5 6 Speed-Stage 3 Build

ND MX5 6 Speed-Stage 3 Build

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We are now offering to the public a Stage 3 ND 6 speed transmission builds.  It includes a new custom gearset.  The new gearset is made from a higher grade steel alloy, was redesigned to allow for better oiling in areas especially the input pocket bearing area which starves in the OE gears, shot peened and cryo treated, and corrected some tolerances that significantly reduced life on the OE sets.  All of these improvements create a significantly higher capacity for shock loads and power.  Due to the fragile nature of the OE ND transmission, the only way we will rebuild the ND 6 Speed is with our gearset inside it. This is the ONLY recommendation we can make for ANY ND MX5 application from street driving to racing.
-Upgraded bearings to handle higher performance and higher speed applications.
-Case is modified to accept larger 10mm case hardware. This provides even more clamping force and reduced case flex over the stock 8mm size.
-Custom gearset includes 1st gear, 2nd gear, 3rd gear pair, 4th gear pair, 5th gear pair, input shaft (6th gear), counter shaft, and thrust washer.
-Gearset is shot peened to enhance the surface strength of the gears and increase oil retention.
-Gearset is cryo treated to further enhance the strength of the gearset and increase its durability.


We recommend using the ND1 input shaft cover with the single mass flywheel. The only fluid we recommend is the Motul Competition Gear 75W-140. We recommend this fluid for break and as the only fluid that should be used inside the transmission. We hear complaints about cold shifting, and while we do not like recommending anything else, the Motorcraft XT-M5-QS can be used AFTER BREAK IN. Again, we can only recommend Motul Competition Gear 75W-140 for any ND transmission.

The stage 3 build is $ 4,000.00, if you have a usable core.  Core charge won't be reimbursed until core has been torn down and evaluated.  Partial core charge may be given depending on condition.

Core Charge is $ 1200.00.

Lead time on all builds are 4 weeks.


Note: All transmissions are shipped in an igloo cooler which is charged to the customer. This is the most secure method we have found to ship transmissions without damage. Please keep the cooler to send the transmission back for refreshes or rebuild in the future.

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